Source - “[Researchers] saw the bats mate 57 times, most of which involved a brief amount of penetration bracketed by longer bouts of cunnilingus. The male would fluff up his penis and sidle over to a nearby female. He craned his neck over and licked her vagina for up to a minute, mounted her for around 15 seconds, and returned to 2.5 minutes of cunnilingus.

“The actual sex isn’t exactly lengthy, but as in the short-nosed fruit bat, the flying foxes prolong their liaisons with oral sex. The males bought themselves an extra 2 seconds of penetration if they spent an extra 15 seconds of cunnilingus beforehand.”


Life as a fruit bat seems pretty awesome right? Blowjobs all day long. Sex only lasts for 15 seconds. That dorso-ventral mating shit seems absolutely insane. Just living the goddamn dream.

How much must it fucking suck to be the guys researching this shit though? I mean you probably aren’t pulling 9′s and 10′s if your main hobbies include being a scientist and watching gross bats fuck each other. You just show up to work and watch animals banging and getting blown in your face all day and all night. Gotta be infuriating to a certain extent. Like fruit bats are ugly as sin and they’re still getting their shit wet non-stop and you’re the genius that threw your life away watching their cunnilingus sessions. That’s awful. Who knows though maybe the nerds could learn a thing or two. Obviously the fruit bat have better game then they do.