Chicago TribuneCharges have been filed against a man suspected of being the “Stringer Bell Bandit” who robbed or tried to rob 11 banks in the Loop since the beginning of October. Kenneth Anderson has admitted to the robberies but so far has only been charged with one of them, at the Fifth Third Bank branch at 1 S. Dearborn St. on Nov. 2, according to the FBI. ”Anderson was shown a map containing locations of the banks and the dates of corresponding robberies in the area over the past few months by the ‘Stringer Bell Bandit’. . .and Anderson affirmatively stated: ‘Yeah, these are all me,’ ” according to the criminal complaint.

I’m not gonna sit here and whine and complain and feel slighted because the Chicago PD didn’t give me a shout out in their press release for bringing attention to this story but that’s also exactly what I’m going to do. Honest to Christ I don’t think for one second they had a chance at catching this guy unless I pointed out he looks exactly like Avon Barksdale and not String. It’s really not a surprise that after the Stoolies were properly informed of this guy’s actual appearance he was caught like 10 seconds later. Like I said, not complaining but at the very least Viva La Stool shout out or something would have been appreciated.

PS – Dude how do you get arrested by bike cops? Bike cops are like 10 year olds in police officer bodies. Might as well go to lady jail.