Me pondering

A lot has changed in the past few months for your resident White Sox blogger, Whitesoxdave.  Many of you have undoubtedly asked yourselves questions like, “Where has Whitesoxdave been?” and “Did the White Sox late season collapse turn Whitesoxdave into a recluse?” or “Did Whitesoxdave finally succumb to mouth cancer/ lung cancer/ cirrhosis of the liver?”

The answers to all of these questions are an emphatic NO.  NO the collapse of the century did not send me into fits of hysteria, and NO, I do not have a terminal illness (yet).

What I have been doing is pondering.  Pondering about where I am in life, about making a change for the healthier (PSYCHE!) and more than anything, about White Sox Baseball.

Not once, but TWICE this offseason, Neil stepped out of his jurisdiction and covered a story about the White Sox.  I chose not to cover those topics for two reasons: 1. Rick Hahn being promoted was bound to happen eventually, and 2. Sox fans know the Jeff Keppinger signing is great, but it’s only a precursor to something BIG.  How big you ask?  No one has a clue; No one but the great minds in the front office of the Chicago White Sox.

When this inevitable move is made, it’s going to overshadow every other story of the Sox offseason. Front office promotions, great.  Signing extremely undervalued, super-utility players, grand.  But it’s just a matter of time before the Sox make a move to ink a type A free agent, resign AJ, or trade Gavin Floyd for a bag of Cheetos… we know this because it’s NEVER this quiet in the offseason on the South Side.  There also has to be some sort of reciprocation now that the Royals made a move for James Shields.  Can’t fucking wait till pitchers and catcher’s report.

Oh, and follow me @chisoxbarstool, of course.  Either that or buy me a shot of Jameson in Downtown Naperville next weekend.  I’ll welcome it with open arms.

I would say Bear Down, but they blow, so go Sox.