Source - A man who lives in a tent in Bloomington, Ill., won $50,000 off of a $1 scratch-off ticket from the Illinois State Lottery. Tribune columnist John Kass interviewed a DeKalb pastor Greg Davis, who was in line behind the homeless man named Dennis when he cashed in the winning ticket. 

Dennis hands her over the ticket. He spent his last dollar on that ticket. And he said to the girl, ‘Did I win anything?’ He had a very gruff voice. She looked at it, her eyes got wide. Really wide. As big as saucers. “‘Yes, sir,’ she said. ‘You just won $50,000.’ I thought the man was going to have a heart attack. ‘Wow,’ he kept saying. ‘Wow’ and ‘Are you sure? You’re not kidding me, are you?’ ‘Yes,’ she said. ‘$50,000.’” But Dennis didn’t believe it. So another clerk came up and examined the ticket. And that clerk said, yes, Dennis had won $50,000.


How sweet is that homeless’s tent house he built in the woods? Got a fire pit, some chairs to lounge in, a laundry area, what appears to be a baby stroller of some kind for whatever reason. Damn dude, you’re not homeless. You’re just poor as fuck. Like “I literally spent the last dollar to my name on a lottery ticket” poor.

Anyway, I wonder who’ll make their fortune last longer, Dennis the Homeless or the Dominican in NYC who won $338 million KFC’s been blogging about? If you think about it a homeless guy with $50,000 to blow is basically the same thing as a Dominican who just won $338 million. Dennis wants a trailer. The Dominican wants to pay child support, pay for everybody in New York’s rent and throw ballin’ Dominican block parties. In the end they’re both going to spend most of their dough on strippers and speed balls and nobody’s going to be shocked when Dennis is living in his tent again or the Dominican’s kids don’t have fresh clothes and school supplies come September. Gun to my head I say they both go out together on the same night, hit rock bottom and spend their last dollar on a losing lottery ticket and wind  up right back where they started.