DM - An extreme hoarder burned down his house, killing himself and seriously injuring his sick mother, in an apparent act of defiance. Dean Verboven, 42, reportedly set a fire in his cluttered, run-down home in Havemeyer Lane, Greenwich, Connecticut, just hours before state social workers were due to arrive and clear out the mess. His 69-year-old mother Barbara Verboven is getting treated for severe burns at Bridgeport Medical Center. Greenwich Police Lieutenant Craig Gray said: ‘The fire department has determined it was intentionally set.

I remember when I was little and my Mom accidentally threw out a Ninja Turtles toy I had owned for about 5 weeks and I tried to cut the brakes on her car. Never been so upset in my entire life. I cannot imagine how angry I would’ve been if I was 42 years old and she hit up social services to have my shit taken away. Probably would’ve just lined the entire house with explosives and lit that thing to the fucking moon. So Dean Verboven’s Mom has nobody to blame but herself in this situation. If you don’t want life threatening 3rd degree burns that leave you bed ridden and sucking tube in the hospital you probably shouldn’t call social services on the man-child you raised and live with who hoards everything in sight. Pretty much a guarantee he’s gonna throw a tantrum and burn the fucking house down and kill himself. Just let him collect his newspapers, old cum rags and gift shop memorabilia and leave him the fuck alone until one of your dies.