Has Tom Jackson ever had a relevant comment about anything in his life? Seems like the sole purpose of the guy ever opening his mouth is to see how far he can jam his boot down his own throat. Like there’s no reason to say anything about Cutler walking into the locker room with the steely iron glare and barely acknowledging anyone. Who cares. I mean, no offense to anybody who works at Soldier Field but those people aren’t his friends. His friends are the guys in the locker room, the guys on the coaching staff, guys like Big Cat and myself, etc. The people on the inside who he hangs out with all the time and calls up on a Wednesday night when he’s bored to see what you’re watching on TV so he can watch it too because he trusts your judgement. Those are the people that get the head nods from #6. Sorry but not everyone in the world can be in the circle of trust. Tom Jackson needs to learn that.