4 different Bears touched him. FOUR. I’d be barking too if I were my dog, pathetic.

I’m there. Panic is too strong of a word for an 8-4 team but I’m ready to start worrying, a lot. Yesterday wasn’t like the Packers or Texans loss. The Bears Offense, minus Earl Bennett missing that bomb in the the 2nd Quarter (which was a vintage Cutler off balance laserbeam) and the failed 4th and 1 in the first, the Offense played well against a very good Seattle D. Throw in the fact that with Hester and Jeffrey out and Bennett going out at halftime, Eric Weems was all of a sudden our number 2, which makes what Cutler and Marshall did yesterday even that much more impressive. And that’s what is concerning. This game falls squarely on the Defense.

97 yard drive to end the 4th. 80 yard drive to end OT. Missed tackles. Bad angles. A total inability to keep Russell Wilson in the pocket. Just a really shitty game all around. And I know we’ve hit the injury bug here. Peanut and Briggs missing practice time, Urlacher and Tim Jennings getting knocked out of the game, but who cares. Every team at this point in the season has injuries. Every team has key guys out or missing practice. I hope that yesterday was an aberration but if you’ve watched this team the last few weeks you can see that the D is starting to fade, which was somewhat to be expected because they played so out of this world in the first half of the season, but its definitely cause for concern. All year we were hoping the Offense could find an identity. That Tice would take his head out of his ass. Well we’re there. Cutler has been awesome the past two games. B-Marsh is nothing short of incredible week and week out. Bush and Forte have been running well. The O-Line hasn’t been horrendous, which is all you can ask for from the O-Line. So now its on the Defense to turn it around from this mini slump. Hopefully that happens sooner rather than later because we’re right back into must win mode for the rest of the season.

Lot of talk whether this was me playing catch with Jay on Sunday morning. Yeah it was, it was also a bad camera angle and I drank too much the night before. Sue me.

Double PS

Did anyone else here that elevator alarm sound that kept going off every 2-3 minutes during the broadcast yesterday? I hope to god people did, otherwise I’m officially losing my mind.