Yesterday’s game was a perfect microcosm of this Bears season. The Defense scored touchdowns, Hester continues to be lost on Special Teams, and the Offense is Cutler, Marshall and Forte vs 11. But at this point we know exactly what we are. There is no changing this Offensive Line, or the play calling, or the lack of Receivers, or the D-Line that disappears for full games at a time, its week 17, we are what we thought we were, and now we’re also Packer fans. It makes me want to puke, but next Sunday, after we hopefully take care of business in Detroit the entire city will be forced to root for the Packers. That’s what we’ve come to. Our season rests on the shoulders of Aaron Rodgers and his hilarious discount double check schtick.  Fuck me. Fuck us all.



Yesterday’s performance couldn’t have been more clear how desperately this team needs Peppers to produce. 3 sacks and the Defense starts scoring touchdowns again. It all starts up front and more specifically, it all starts with him.


Double PS
If Mike Tice were to draw up a fake field goal this is exactly how I would expect it to look.

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