So it was announced today that Frank Caliendo is joining ESPN Countdown and everyone on twitter, Facebook etc just ripped into this decision. Talking about how stupid and unfunny Frank is.   I honestly don’t get it. Find me someone else who does impersonations like Frank does. Picking his best ones is almost impossible, its like picking your favorite child. Gun to my head though, here’s my top 3.

3. Al Pacino – It’s make BELIEEEEVEE!!!!

2. Charles Barkley – Knucklehead. Dewayne Wade. Kennny. Turrible. Sometimes I honestly can’t tell if Frank is impersonating Charles or Charles is impersonating Frank impersonating Charles, that’s how good it is.

1. Madden – The gold standard of Frank. So good. So funny. Literally could watch this for the rest of time and never get bored.

Ha Boom, that’s a Turducken!!!