(NAPERVILLE) Police are looking for a man who exposed himself inside a west suburban Jewel food store last month. The incident happened Oct. 29 in the Jewel in the 100 block of East Ogden Avenue in Naperville, according to Naperville Crime Stoppers. A woman was shopping when she saw five Hispanic men walking around the store, police said. She later saw one of the men standing in an aisle alone with his pants down, exposing himself. The woman told an employee, but the suspects left the store, police said. No other customers witnessed the incident. The suspect may be mentally challenged, police said. A reward up to $1,000 is being offered for information leading to his arrest. Anyone with information should call Crime Stoppers at (630) 420-6006.

Can I ask a question. Why is it that when a chick flashes her tits or her pussy everyone cheers and thinks its awesome and when a Mexican guy at the Naperville Jewel Osco whips out his penis we’re now talking about police searches and offensive behavior? Isn’t this 2012? Don’t we have gender equality yet? I’m actually being serious. Like yeah if the guy is fat and gross and has a weird dick that’s one thing. If a nasty fat woman shows me her pancake titties I’d call the cops for sure. Or if the guy is standing at a playground whipping his cock out in front of a bunch of kids,  that’s fucked. But if its just a guy wanting to share his sweet dick between age appropriate people that shouldn’t be illegal. I just feel like we’ve finally become a progressive society. Legalized Marijuana, gay marriage, black president,  the works. There’s no reason a stray dick or vagina should be illegal anymore.  Let people party you know?


If this is because the guy is Mexican and this woman is just a big racist that’s totally fine with me too. I don’t mind racists as long as they openly admit their racism. Don’t pretend you were offended just because you don’t want to see some Ese’s Cholo. Embrace your racism so we can judge you for that instead of judging you for being a prude  tattle tale that doesn’t like random dick in her face.