Denver - A shoplifter who was shot in the face after swiping a bottle of vodka from a Colorado Springs liquor store is now suing the store owner. According to the Colorado Springs Gazette, Bryson Adrian Dewberry is asking for at least $100,000 for pain and suffering. He was shot in the jaw by Chang Ho Yi, the owner of Austin Bluffs Plaza Liquor on October 25, 2010 the newspaper reported. According to the lawsuit, Yi saw the theft and pursued Dewberry out of the store with a loaded .357 revolver. Dewberry was hit while in the backseat of a getaway car. The bullet hit Dewberry in the chest and his jaw. Police said at the time another person, a 17-year-old, was hit by the bullet.

Dewberry and the 17-year-old showed up at a Colorado Springs hospital and told a story about getting shot while shoplifting, according to police. The lawsuit claims Yi behaved “negligently and recklessly” when the shoplifter posed no physical threat. Yi was initially charged in the case, but a grand jury declined to charge him. Dewberry has several run-ins with police in the past. He wasn’t charged in the incident. According to the lawsuit, Dewberry has been disfigured and suffered wounds that require ongoing speech therapy.

Really not sure which way to lean on this story. Like on the one hand as much as I support defending your home, family, business, etc by any means necessary, I’m having a hard time getting behind shooting somebody in the face for stealing a bottle of vodka. Punishment doesn’t exactly fit the crime there. Maybe a stern warning or a call to the cops would be more appropriate than loading up a .357 revolver and Gustavo Fring-ing somebody’s face.

But on the other hand I have absolutely no sympathy for a black dude trying to rob a liquor store owned by someone named Chang Ho Yi. That’s a fucking death trap plain and simple. It doesn’t matter if you’re just going in there to buy and pay for a 6-pack like any other average Joe, if you’re black there’s about a 50% chance you’re getting shot in the head if the store is run by Asians. Asians just straight up don’t fuck around with black people. Always gonna think they’re stealing and shit. Is it right? Of course not. It’s just the way it is and the way it always will be. The two groups have literally zero things in common with each other. Just gotta keep your distance and go jack up liquor stores owned by some pasty white folk who’ll do whatever the fuck you say and you won’t get your jaw blown off. Problem solved.