Ew. Nothing worse than a girl with stupid ink. And it doesn’t get much stupider than putting a tattoo gun in the hands of a 7 year old Andrew Luck fan and letting him go ham on your rib cage. Just preposterous. Whoever did this must’ve been pressed for time or something and just skipped all the prep work and slapped this on there as quickly as possible because there’s no way this took longer than 5 minutes.

Also needs to be mentioned that Scar Jo might have the worst tattoo collection (gallery? not sure what the term is here) of anyone on the planet at this point:

That’s a scribbley horseshoe, two random circles and a hybrid of the Obama symbol and a Chinese sunrise. Only way to salvage this is to ink up the pictures of her tits she sent to Ryan Reynolds and slap them right on her forehead. Deviate all attention away from those three atrocities.

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