I’m not going to say I’m “offended” by this ad because its not offensive, they’re technically correct, stress is high. But jesus christ, talk about poor taste. Like honestly take a step back and think about this for a second. Who would think in their head, oooh, school shooting, 20 little kids tragically murdered, I know, lets make a reference to it in our ad and sell more massages to suburban moms! How fucking stupid and out of touch do you need to be to have that thought process? Its probably some middle aged guy who thinks he’s being edgy and going to be the next Don Draper. Sorry dude, you swung and missed on this one in a big way.

I won’t even get into the fact that the lady in this ad has like 25 shopping bags and is being really harmful to the environment. That alone is so fucked up.

Double PS

Timeless Spa and Salt Cave Facebook link in case anyone wanted to let them know they’re scumbags. You don’t come into Big Cat’s investigative journalism blog (aka Barstool Sports) and get away with it. Just ask Adam Schefter.