Source - A couple from Hayward, California hoping to see their San Francisco 49ers take on the Baltimore Ravens in New Orleans on Sunday fell victim to a nefarious hoax this week after wiring nearly $6,000 to a man in Boca Raton who claimed to be a Baltimore Ravens season ticket holder. The couple apparently spent a week communicating with a man they found on Craigslist (red flag #1) via email, text and phone calls before agreeing to wire (flag #2) nearly six grand to his credit union. On Monday, they received their FedEx envelope, but instead of the four tickets they had agreed to purchase at double their face value, they a lame printout of a Super Bowl XLVII promotional materials and a note scrawled with the message: “ENJOY THE GAME!!!! GOO RAVENS!!! LOL.

The Super Bowl troll goes by the name of R. Thomas Pham Guan and claimed to be season ticket holder at Baltimore’s FedEx M&T field even though he told Sharon and her boyfriend that he lived with his pregnant wife in Florida (flag #3).


Every fiber of my being wants to hate this dude for being such a dick and robbing $6,000 from these people but I can’t. I mean did you see his alias? Dude went by the name R. Thomas Pham Guan. That’s unbelievable. Without a doubt the most preposterous, arrogant fake name I’ve ever heard in my life. Like if you take one look at R. Thomas Pham Guan and can’t recognize you’re being had and you’ll never sniff your 6 g’s or Super Bowl tickets again you’re a grade A certified fucking idiot. Sorry you just threw away thousands of dollars guys but you just got taken out by the best.

R. Thomas Pham Guan – 1, Hippie Losers from San Francisco – 0.