RedEyeFormer Bears receiver Sam Hurd will change his plea formally to guilty Thursday in Dallas in his federal drug case, his lawyer said Wednesday. Hurd prefers to “vigorously contest” the sentencing in the coming months, arguing that he was not involved in alleged drug trafficking as much as described by the government, attorney Jay Ethington said. Trial was set for Monday.

Ethington said Hurd may be a marijuana user but is not a cocaine distributor. He said the only example of cocaine directly linked to Hurd was that which undercover federal agents gave him in a Chicago area steakhouse in December 2011 shortly before he was arrested outside. The cocaine was given to him after he allegedly said he wanted to buy 5 to 10 kilograms of cocaine and 1,000 pounds of marijuana weekly to distribute. 

“He’s a marijuana freak,” Ethington said. “He loves marijuana. He’s addicted to high-grade marijuana.” He said Hurd did not deal marijuana. “Sell? No. Share with his friends? Yes,” Ethington said.


So Sam Hurd is pleading guilty to all manner of drug charges today from that time he tried buying half the fucking blow in Columbia to sell throughout the city even though he was a pretty rich dude already. Honestly I don’t think anyone gives a shit about that but I have to say, the dude’s lawyer is absolutely phenomenal. Sticking to his guns one million percent. Saying Hurd is not a cocaine distributor whatsoever. Saying he would never think of selling weed, just loved smoking hydro with his boys. Pointing out that at no point or time could you provide evidence that Hurd was a drug dealer aside from that ONE INSTANCE where he was busted trying to buy 10 kilos of coke and 1,000 pounds of weed per week from some undercover cops behind Morton’s and telling them that if he gets caught dealing it’s all good because he played for the Bears. Aside from that one example you just can’t label him a drug dealer. Can’t do it. Not enough proof. Not even his own client pleading guilty to the very charges he’s disputing could make Jay Ethington back down from that. That’s the type of guy you want representing you.