I think these people have a point here right? I mean prom kinda sucks already. The build up of renting a limo and getting all your friends together is fun and the after-party is what everyone’s looking forward to but prom itself is pretty lame. Basically the same as a school dance except there’s tuxedo’s, dresses and some shitty chicken parm and runny caesar salads. After 10 minutes nobody really gives a shit about being there anyway. The least you could do is keep all the gays from showing up. Nothing ruins a good time like a bunch of homos in their Borat costumes blowing each other’s dicks on the dance floor. Not trying to walk around Adam and Steve running a train on each other in the lobby just so I can take a picture with some chick I hope to have pre-marital sex with later on. That’d be disgusting and pretty un-God like for sure. It’s like the girl said in the video, nothing but respect for the homa-secks-uals but frankly it’d just be easier if all 6 of them just had their own prom and left the totally non-crazy, perfectly sane, not at all backwards thinking and stupid people in town alone.