Hope you guys didn’t go to bed early last night because if you did you missed some serious laughs. I don’t even know if I can blog today. Not sure there are any jokes left to be made after Rovell ran train on the world of comedy. Seriously Darren, next time save some for the rest of us. You’re making us all look bad.

Remember the bitter beer face commercials? That’s the face I make every time I read that World Series joke. I cringe so hard my jaw eats the top half of my face.


How about Jesse Jackson? Guy has been in rehab for the past 4 months and still won his election. Is Brian Woodworth the worst person alive? Like what’s that guy’s deal? Losing to a dude who literally lost his mind is not a good look for your political career.


Double PS

Diane Sawyer officially answered the question, how drunk can a news anchor get before going on National Television for 5 hours. The answer I guess is very, like blackout drunk.