SourceRon Jeremy is finally out of the hospital and back on the prowl telling TMZ doctors have finally cleared him to start bangin’ chicks again after suffering an aneurysm near his heart last month. It’s nothing short of a XXX miracle … since Ron was listed in critical condition and required multiple emergency surgeries to save his life. But yesterday, the porn legend was back on his feet and cruisin’ around the Nokia Theater at L.A. Live with Bunny Ranch honcho Dennis Hof … and a female companion. Jeremy not only told us he’s feeling great following the procedures … but he’s already healthy enough to do what he does best … telling us: 
“They said to me at the clinic, that if you can walk up two flights of stairs you’re able to have sex… so I walked up two flights of stairs and 3 additional stairs.”


And like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Ron Jeremy walked up two flights of stairs and was cleared to have sex with homely chicks from the Valley with very low self-esteem. The world seems right again.

PS – Wonder how that chick feels about being picked as Ron’s first romp after almost dying. Is it an honor? Is she grossed out? I guess it’s an honor right? If Jordan had a heart attack and you got to play him one-on-one in his first game back you’d jump at the chance right? Just hope she realizes how lucky she is.