If you don’t remember Crowder, here was my original article about him. Basically he wrote an Op-Ed about how he waited until marriage to have sex and he’s better than everyone else because of it.

Well that was awesome. We finally got to see exactly the type of person Steven Crowder is. Putting all politics aside, because I really don’t give a fuck, this was awesome because Steven Crowder walks around bothering people for a living and then when he gets punched in the face he cowers like a little bitch, goes to the internet crying assault, tweeting out pictures of his “injuries”, telling everyone that he was threatened with murder and that it will literally “shock” us. No seriously, he did all of those things.


Honestly dude. You think anyone in the world has sympathy for you? You literally were poking a sleeping bear with a stick.  That fat bald guy is the last person on earth I would fuck with and he wasn’t even the guy who punched you.

So fuck you Steven Crowder. You took a punch exactly how I expected you would. You fucked with the wrong people. You went to a Union rally in Detroit where half these people are probably poor and out of work and you acted snarky and condescending towards them,and then when they reacted you ran away. And you know what, you’ll probably end up suing every person at this rally including the police. Because that’s the type of person you are. And it makes me sick.


Honestly, if you aren’t a 60 year old Italian guy you should not be wearing a Leather Coat. That’s such an impossibly difficult move to pull off. Fucking Steven Crowder, guy is straight up delusional in every sense of the word.