Source - For Alissa Berg and Don Gold, it was love at first swipe. Four years ago, Gold’s morning commute involved riding the Brown Line to the Kimball stop and walking a few blocks to Northeastern Illinois University in North Park—until one day, he spotted the No. 82 Kimball/Homan bus heading his direction. He hopped on the bus and saw Berg. She had just taken the Brown Line and was riding the bus to her job at WTTW, the public TV studios near Northeastern. They both got off at the same stop. He held the door for her. Love was in the fare.

He began tailoring his schedule to ride the bus at about the same time she did. She thought he was cute. One day on the bus, he pointed to her WTTW tote and said, “So, you work for the station? “Three years later, as they were walking downtown by the Chicago River he asked her another question. This one came with a ring. They say they owe the CTA for getting them to the aisle. “I have always liked the ‘L.’ It’s one of the best things about Chicago,” said Gold, 33. “I’m definitely very grateful that I met Alissa on the bus.”

Since their first encounter in 2009, Berg and Gold no longer commute together. Berg now rides the Purple Line, and Gold drives. They haven’t taken the No. 82 bus in a while, but Berg said she would like to take some engagement photos at “their stop.” For her part, Berg said she has endured some light teasing for how she met her fiance. Before then, she was never much for talking to others on the CTA, telling Going Public, “it could have been really creepy if he wasn’t so cute.” Now, she recommends being friendly to other riders. “I would say definitely smile at people. Just smile at someone,” said Berg, 30. “You never know. That’s kind of how it started with us.”


First things first I just gotta say I love the puns that were dropped in this story. “Love at first swipe” “Love was in the fare” HA! Good one, guys.

Anyway I can’t believe this is actually some sort of feel good story. As if falling in love on the bus next to masturbating homeless people and gang members is some sort of romantic fairy tale. Yeah sweet little tale to tell the grand kids. Love was in the fare, so was the stench of urine, also my wallet was stolen, and a member of the Gangter Disciples split my skull open with a crowbar. Beautiful stuff.

And I’m not some asshole who rolls their eyes at every “How we met” story. I definitely don’t care to hear any of them but I get how that’s sentimental to people. But if your “How we met” story is you were both on a city bus and started having a real-life, actual conversation then you’re both certified psychopaths. Talking to people on the bus is for people who want to get mugged, murdered or raped. Period. It’s literally the last place on Earth I’d go searching for someone to spend my life with unless that life was in the depths of hell and we were stuck there for eternity.

PS – GREAT advice by that dude near the end. “Just smile at someone”. Yeah sure thing bro. I’ll remember to thank you for that when I’m getting buried alive in some lunatic’s crawl space.