Dear el prez Big Cat,

Obviously the 49ers were in town this weekend and working at a new restaurant in the south end (cinquecento) and I had a table with a bunch of the front office guys at my table. After a while I got around to asking them about Lange and whether or not they had heard of big cat, best known as bob’s son. They texted bob and apparently big cat is known around the organization as bobs stalker and they spent the rest of the meal harassing bob via text while archiving all of big cats old blogs on lange. Needless to say these guys had never read the stool and now SF is reading the stool.

Ps apparently he hates being called Robby which is all big cat calls him.

Dot Rat

Not going to lie this email caught me a little off guard. Stalker? Huh? Where the hell did that come from? How do they make the leap from guy who wishes some random PR person he never met in his life was his father/batman to stalker? Is this libel? Can I sue the 49ers organization? I’m just totally at a loss here. Stalker? They really said that? Yeah I made a Jersey with his face on it, photoshopped him into a bunch of pictures, send him emails all the time asking where he lives, and look for him on the sideline during every game but a stalker? That’s just such an ugly word. I prefer devoted fan/son.


Pres has to give me a bonus right? That guy said it. Big Cat brought Barstool to San Fran. Manifest Destiny. Stalking my way across America.

Double PS

Going back through all my Robby Lange archives, Whoa.