What up Neil.

Love the site and what you guys are doing but I gotta know how you put up with all those comments man. Can’t believe what I read in there sometimes. The shit is brutal. Anyway keep doing what you’re doing say what up to Bigcat for me. Go bears.


I know Pres answered his own version of this question a week or two ago but ever since I started working at the Stool, people have asked me the same thing time and time again. “Neil how do you deal with the comment section?”, “What do you think about all the shit they say about you?”, “Does it get you angry?”, “Wait, do you actually have AIDS and/or cancer?”

And the answer is really simple. It doesn’t bother me. If anything I enjoy it. The comment section is part of what makes Barstool the website that it is. And truth be told the guys that spend their days cooped up like a bunch of virgins at an al qaeda summer camp waiting to comment on every new blog is the least of my worries in life. As far as I’m concerned, death threats are the highest form of flattery so have at it boys and girls. My life is going to continue being awesome with or without you on my side. I’ve got family, friends, a great girl, and a pretty well functioning alcohol dependency going for me. That’s pretty much the only 4 things I need to be content. So when people ask how I’m able to deal with all the shit I get from the 1%> of Barstool readers who actually have the time in their day to tell a writer on the free blog which keeps them entertained enough to not go through with killing themselves the answer is more power to ‘em. Whatever gets you through your day dude. Go ahead and rip my blogs or my chemo hair or my airport runway of a forehead. I’m glad I could help distract you from whatever else is going on in your life. We all got problems, that’s why the Stool is here in the first place. And if that’s not enough for you, then in the words of Bill Burr, “Go plant a tree you fuckin cunt”.

PS – You morons really thought that was me commenting on Big Cat’s story Monday? Seriously? I expected way more from you. Real bummed out about that.