So I was on the southside and while I was driving through some shitty apartment parking lot I saw this license plate. Raises so many questions…who/what drives it? Where do you get that idea? Why? When did el pres leave Boston? Gotta be some megaslut right? Or a guy with a terminal case of the gay, I guess.

- Robert


Best part of this e-mail is Robert postulating if the guy owning this car had a “terminal case of the gay”. Absolutely hilarious. Like yeah I’m going to have to agree with you there doctor. That case of the gay is definitely not going anywhere if a guy gets “Cock Gobbler” as his license plate. Highly doubtful they’ll find a cure after pulling a move like that. Definitely terminal. At least the guy gets to drive around in his flaming red BMW for the rest of his days before he kicks the bucket. Gay or not that’s as cool as cool gets.