What up guys:
I was waiting for a bus stop down at school (Illinois State University) and saw this guy with his family.  I couldn’t help but laugh at this guy with his man uggs and jeans tucked in them.  My question for you is, does this old guy wearing man uggs with his jeans tucked in get him laid?
Ryan M
You know what the best part of this guy is? When I read this e-mail I thought the guy would be wearing man Uggs and it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. Like the knock off Timberland boots. Nope. Those are full blown, walking through campus in the snow in yoga pants after getting analed at the Sigma Pi winter formal slut boots. Furry havens of comfort and glory. So to answer Ryan’s question, yes. A million times, yes. The most important part of hooking up with a chick is finding something to talk about. After that it’s all a numbers game. Well what better way to reach some common ground than to strap on a pair of fur feet and tramp around campus dressed like all the tramps looking for D. Guy’s so in it’s not even funny. Brilliant move.
Side note: The mail man strap bag is a killer too. That mixed with the boots and the game is over before the first pitch is even thrown.