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I’ll be perfectly honest I think I’m figuring this hockey shit out. I’ve been tinkering non-stop trying to figure out a way to win some goddamn money trotting out a roster full of guys I don’t know and it’s starting to work. I’m steadily creeping up theĀ leaderboard, getting closer week after week. Could only imagine the damage I’d be doing if I knew who half these schmucks were.

We did this week’s league with the same set-up we’ve been using the past couple tourney’s. This is gonna be for SATURDAY, so make sure you get your team lined up today because, as always, it’s going to fill up fast. Here’s the breakdown:

- $4,000 in total prizes, $800 to the winner

- 178 spots in the tourney, prizes down to 17th place

- $25 bucks to join, you can create up to 5 separate teams

- Starts Saturday at Noon Central, 1 EST

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