[Source] - Exotic dancers performed lap dances on teenagers at a boy’s surprise 16th birthday party in an upstate New York village, police said, and investigators were trying to determine whether any organizer of the celebration committed a crime. South Glens Falls Police Chief Kevin Judd said the investigation began after people concerned about the Nov. 3 party at the Spare Time bowling alley told authorities about racy photos that had been posted on social networking sites. At least one of the images shows a scantily clad, tattooed woman clinging upside down to a seated teen as others look on. ”Several kids at the party got lap dances,” Judd said. “We have a lot of people to talk to.” The names of the boy and his parents haven’t been released.

Saratoga County District Attorney James Murphy said Thursday that investigators were trying to determine who hired the dancers and if the alley served alcohol to any of the partiers. He said there were 80 adults and teens in a room where floor-to-ceiling windows were masked off with brown paper while the two dancers from a company called “Tops In Bottoms” performed. “Whether it got beyond that, we don’t know,” Murphy said. “We don’t know about sex acts.” The teens and dancers aren’t targets, he said, but child endangerment is among the potential charges faced by any adults who organized the party. Also, the bowling alley’s liquor license could be revoked if it knowingly allowed the exotic dancing or served alcohol to anyone under age, he said.

Hey good call guys, lets go after 16 year old kids trying to get rubbed on at parties and treat them like criminals. I’m sure “I blew a load in my pants at my sweet 16 party” will go over great in the clink.

Honestly I don’t understand how cops could even considered this a crime, especially “child endangerment”. There were 80 people there. EIGHTY! These kids were fucking fine. So what if they want to get a little rowdy, get greasy tits rubbed in their face and peep some taint? I would’ve killed for that when I was 16. Literally would’ve killed a homeless person to have a naked girl crawl on me. Plus they were supervised. You ever get lost and walk into a strip club solo? Now that’s fucking endangerment, I don’t care how old you are. I felt infinity times more endangered the first time I did that than if I had a room full of people around me. The worst that could happen to these kids is they blow their load in front of 80 of their closest male friends and family and that’s totally fine and not weird at all so who cares.