AJ McCarron may be the least enviable person on the planet right now. There is just no way this washes away. No chance it dies down. No possibility this petition doesn’t get 25,000 signatures and gets sent to the White House. I mean when the President of the United States by law has to actually review a document that requests you get deported so another man can fuck your girlfriend, life is NOT going well. Doesn’t matter how much fame you have, how many national titles you’ve won. When the entire planet wants to bang your girl you start to squirm and itch and lose all confidence in yourself. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit if AJ McCarron goes AWOL and disappears. Re-surface in like 15 years as a vagrant in Burbank with a full beard and painter’s cap on staring at People magazine wedding photos of K-Webb and some huge black basketball player. Fucking sucks to be king.