Chicago Tribune - Middle linebacker Brian Urlacher was named NFC Defensive Player of the Week after the team’s 51-20 victory at Tennessee on Sunday. Urlacher returned an interception of Titans quarterback Matt Hasselbeck 46 yards for a touchdown in the blowout. It was the seventh interception returned for a touchdown by the Bears this season, two short of the NFL record held by the 1961 Chargers.

You know you’re dominating on a different level when honors that obviously should go to you are given out to your teammates instead just so the NFL doesn’t feel bad giving you every award week after week. That’s like the NBA writers giving Karl Malone the MVP in ’97 when Jordan was clearly the choice but had already taken it his previous 4 full seasons. And it’s not like in any other week Urlacher shouldn’t have won. Dude played great, forced a fumble and had the pick-6 obviously, but Peanut was on another planet Sunday. Never seen anything like it. Every play that went near him you felt he was going to do something huge and he pretty much did every time. Forcing 4 fumbles like that is like dropping 80 in a basketball game. Once in a lifetime performance. Like Obama said, Defensive POY no fucking question.