(SOURCE) Chicago Bears cornerback Charles Tillman said he won’t play against the Houston Texans on Sunday night if his wife goes into labor. “The wife is due any day, so hopefully this baby can stay in until after the game on Sunday,” Tillman said Wednesday on WSCR-AM 670. “I hope she stays in — I’m having another girl. Monday, for sure, but if she comes Sunday, I think I’m going to have to be at the hospital Sunday. So, I hope she stays in until after Sunday.” 

Tillman, the NFC defensive player of the month for October, is coming off a remarkable performance against the Tennessee Titans in which he forced a career-high four fumbles. He has already forced seven fumbles this season, and 36 in his career, which are the most in the NFL by a defensive back since 2003, when Tillman entered the league. Bears middle linebacker Brian Urlacher, who was named defensive player of the week, wasn’t aware of the possibility that Tillman won’t play. “Why would he miss the game? Oh, his baby? Then we won’t have him,” Urlacher said. “Our backups are pretty good.”

Kind of torn on this one. Like I get how the birth of a child is important (Honestly I really don’t because I’m immature and think kids are fucking stupid), but this is kind of a big game no? Kind of need you out there Peanut. I mean the kid is going to live for thousands upon thousands of days right? There are only 16  game days the regular season. Not exactly a fair trade right there.  So yeah, I guess if we’re being PC and family first then sure, be a helicopter dad and miss the game for the birth of your child. But if I’m being real, I think having your mother in law take a video on a flip cam isn’t really that big of a deal. You have other kids. Just lie and say you saw all of them being born, your secret is safe with every person in Chicago.

Love Urlacher’s quote.

“Why would he miss the game? Oh, his baby?

Such a not subtle way to be like grow the fuck up Peanut, you’re not missing this game.

Double PS

What Peanut should do is get the guy who made the Obama Birther video and have him direct a Peanut Tillman Daughter Video. Because 25 lb babies are totally believable. Can’t say I’m not a problem solver