Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan was photographed demonstrating his workout technique at a gym in Janesville, Wis. for TIME back in December 2011. These photos were released for this weeks Time Magazine.

Oh cool bro, you lift? Me too.

Unbelievable. That’s all I can say for these pictures. And don’t mistake this as a political thing. I couldn’t care less about who our next President is. This is a hardo, lunatic, taking glam shots while doing 40 lb hammer curls thing. Who does that? Honestly, I feel like I’m watching Ron Burgundy do 1,000 curls in front of Veronica Corningstone right now. And you know what. These photos are so crazy they may even work. Dude just crushes weight. Plain and simple. Can’t not respect that. Absolutely hysterical.

PS - Not to sound like a snob or anything but if Paul Ryan really wanted to get my vote he’d do a couple of box jumps or deadlifts. Its 2012 bro. There’s Crossfit and then there’s everything else. Wake the fuck up.