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Fox ChicagoFox 32 News obtained dramatic, exclusive iPhone video of the beating of a female student that took place in the hallway of Maine South High School. Park Ridge police have made an arrest. Since she is a minor, the 15-year-old suspect was arrested Thursday at the Park Ridge police department. She came with her parents to surrender herself to police. FOX 32 spoke with the alleged victim Emily Black, 14, and her father outside Maine South prior to the arrest. “I was terrified. I didn’t know what was going to happen. She was waiting at my locker for me,” Black said. She was knocked to the ground during the attack, and said she blacked out.

Police determined the 15-year-old was the aggressor in the attack, primarily based on the video of the beating and witness statements. ”Typically in these types of events there can be mutual combatants,” Jogmen said. “That makes it a little easier for us to determine how to handle it. In this case she was clearly the aggressor so charges were appropriate.”

First off love Fox Chicago finger blasting themselves over “obtaining dramatic, exclusive iPhone video of the beating”. Yeah you mean the one that’s all over the Internet and every other news website in Chicago? That video? Okay cool, nice work guys. Way to get the scoop Woodward and Bernstein.

Second, how is this battery? That fight SUCKED. Just straight up girl slaps back and forth with a little concussion mixed in. So your brain turned into a bowl of Chunky soup, big whoop. Life’s tough, wear a helmet. And more importantly what started this thing? Obviously girls are heartless creatures but there’s no way this was just unprovoked rage. That’s impossible. That girl who got her head turned to mush clearly had this coming one way or another. Blew the other chicks boyfriend or spread rumors that she had anal fissures on her balloon knot or something. Nobody sits around minding their own business and then gets the business end of a rodeo beatdown for no reason.

PS – And what the fuck is the deal with blurring out their faces? Uh you legit interviewed the one girl up close like 2 seconds after censoring his grill. Kinda ruined your own suspense there guys.