Source - We like to tell ourselves in America that we are tough customers. Fortunately and unfortunately, we’re kidding ourselves. We don’t haggle well, we’re polite to shopkeepers, and we generally don’t climb on top of the products and fall asleep. The Chinese? The Chinese know how to be rude, and that’s why this century will belong to them. IKEA opens up a warehouse full of sample bedrooms? Great, let’s go grab some Z’s so we don’t have to change our sheets today. Our teens go to the mall and make out in the food court, their kids climb into bed in front of everyone and start sucking face. So do your patriotic duty and start being insanely rude in public, and secure America’s future.


See the thing about Chinese people is they’re gonna do whatever the fuck they want one million percent of the time. They don’t adapt to society, society adapts to them. Just check out what happens when you plop a furniture store with fully functioning rooms into their country. Turned into Squatter City in no time. Where you and I see a place to buy products and accessories for our home, Chinese people just see a humongous fully furnished new house.

Kind of reminds me of every new Real World season when people arrive and race around claiming their bedrooms and shit. That was probably Ikea China at 9:01 on opening day. Just hoards of families trying to escape the acrid, gaseous clouds of pollution that blanket their cities and choosing to live in a fucking furniture store instead. I bet within a week there were small women digging through trash looking for recyclables and groups of wife-beater wearing old men smoking cigarettes and playing Bashi Fen in the back of the warehouse. And in a year when the inhabitants start getting industrious and building a new society inside Ikea, it’ll get too polluted and everyone’s gonna be on the move again. That’s the Chinese cycle of life.

Thanks to Jarret for the tip