I don’t care that this video is obviously CGI’d and fake. In my mind this is as real as a heart attack. Big dumb Canadian idiot brings his kid to a public park and leaves him in the middle of nowhere to get eaten apart by a fucking eagle? I’ll eat that shit up all day long. Send it off to my friends and family, facebook it, tweet it, the whole shebang. What’s important is the message, not the fact that it’s obviously a false house of lies. I guess it’s kinda like the bible in that way.

PS – Hands down the best part of this video is the asshole French camera guy checking on the kid for a split second then scanning the skies trying to find where the bird went. “Hey Officer, he went that way!” Oh real convincing dude. Canadians are so dumb.

PPS – Sweet FIFA glitch bro:

Update: Obvious fake is obvious