Ever seen the look of pure joy on a child’s face? 

Source - Despite continued famine in the country, North Korea leader Kim Jong Un gave 2 pounds of candy to every child in the country in honor of his Jan. 8 birthday, according to a report from state media. As Chosun Ilbo explains, leaders’ birthdays are traditionally marked in the dictatorship with gifts (or reports of gifts) of food and other needed goods. But the quality and quantity of those gifts have, unsurprisingly, been in decline at least in recent years in the country. Here’s a description of the Santa Claus-like feat of logistics from the AFP, which wrote a straight-laced version of the story: A radio report by the North Korean Central Broadcasting Station, monitored in Seoul on Monday, said Kim had mobilised aircraft to ensure that each child in the country aged 10 or under received the candy gift in time. Villagers in outlying islands “exploded with joy” at the confectionery airlift, the report said. The giving of “birthday candy” was started in 1980 by Kim’s grandfather and North Korea’s founding leader Kim Il-Sung.

According to the World Food Program, 1 in 3 children in North Korea are chronically “stunted” by poor nutrition.

Seriously getting so tired of hearing stories like this. Just one time I’d like to go a day without North Korea kicking our dicks in and showing us how great of a nation they are. Like this is basically how you know times have changed and things are different in the world. America is cut right down the middle with no unity and fighting on all sides. You could stick 100 different people in a room, say “gun control” or “fiscal cliff” and get 100 different tirades from screaming idiots about why that person’s right and everyone else is wrong. It’s truly sickening. Meanwhile in North Korea Kim Jong Un sees problems and flat out fixes them. Like oh 1 out of 3 children in my country have stunted growth and a pair of chop sticks for legs? Boom I’ll air drop 2 pounds of candy for each one of you so you can celebrate my birthday with me. Just make sure the bag doesn’t hit you on the way down because you weigh about 14 pounds and it will probably kill you dead. Also try to ration that out until 2014 though because that is literally all the food you’re getting this entire year. Best leader ever. When’s the last time Obama did something like that? Answer, never. Such a disgrace what’s become of us.