Note: Gruesome shot of the wolf near the end of the vid

How about this wiley old bitch huh? Just shoving her fist down some wolf’s throat and chopping half its face off with an axe. Jesus christ. Russia’s just playing a whole different ball game than the rest of us at this point. Like there is no question I would have lost this battle if I was in the grandmother’s shoes. You could give me an AK-47 and chop off one of the wolf’s legs and I’m still certain I’d get eaten alive. Total fucking pussy when it comes to wild animals. That’s why I live in a city. No lions, tigers and bears casually walking up to my 3rd floor apartment asking to borrow some butter and clawing my face off. That shits for peasants. No thanks.

As a side note I’m blown away by the cockiness of these villagers posting pictures of the dead wolf to the web to scare away other animals. Am I missing something or do animals have internet out there. Classic “one step back, two steps forward” move from Russia.