Is Old Style the smartest company in the world? Old Style Light is garbage. Legit garbage. But now I want to drink a thousand of them solely based on this can. And I guess that’s Old Style’s entire marketing plan. It’s not actually good beer, but we Chicagoans drink it because its from Chicago (brewed in Milwaukee but Milwaukee is just a suburb of Chicago so whatever).

Honestly, if someone orders me an Old Style or the Old Style beer guy walks past me at Wrigley I have to have one. Its a pride thing. Like if you’ve never had an Old Style or if you turn an Old Style down you’re basically spitting on the entire city. Just a terrible beer that is fantastically marketed. Throw piss in a can, slap the Chicago Flag on it and I’ll buy a million. That’s how my brain works and Old Style knows it.


I need to have a separate post dedicated solely to Malort because that is like Old Style times a billion. The worst liquor ever but I’ll drink it every time someone orders a shot. I actually think the saying “Pride Before The Fall” was specifically about a bunch of bro’s ripping shots of Malort.