Tampa Bay - She brought her 16-year-old son and a trash bag full of clothes on the first date. Bobbie Jo Curtis, 40, told the suitor she met online she didn’t have a car. He’d have to pick her up at her motel room. Joseph Bruno, 44, made the trip in his white utility van. They stopped for pizza on the way back to Bruno’s house, sat around the table and got to know each other. She told him she was being evicted and asked if she could sleep on the couch that night. He never objected. She never left. Bruno says he had a bad hunch about letting her stay. She was a stranger, but she looked like she was going through a hard time.

The first crack on the head was blinding. Bruno had been watching the Yankees-Rays game on his computer Sept. 14 when he felt it. He reeled in his chair and met the pale blue eyes he’d first seen in the profile. “What the hell?” Curtis stood behind him clutching a 2 by 4, he said. “You’re lucky I ain’t kill you two days before,” she told him. The 2 by 4 came down mercilessly, he said. The first hits didn’t put him under like they do in the movies. He watched the blood spill out of his head, so much that a cleaning crew would later have to pull up the dining room floorboards because of all the dried blood stuck between them. He said she beat him 20 times before his world went dark. David Ragon, a 69-year-old neighbor, saw them loading the van and came over to check on Bruno. That’s when, he said, Curtis’ son, Bryan, came behind him with a hammer. The blow to the back of his head knocked him out. More hits broke his jaw.

Is this guy seriously confused as to why this broad beat him senseless with a 2×4 and left him in a puddle of his own blood? Like he doesn’t get how  that happened? Uh I don’t know dude, maybe she tried murdering you because you brought her to a pizza place on your first date? Or maybe it’s because you invited her over and then made her sleep on the couch? Seriously, wake up dude. Bobbi Jo’s pussy ain’t getting any younger and you developing multiple sclerosis probably isn’t helping your dick game one bit. That fuck window is closing fast bro. I know it, Bobbi Jo knows it, your neighbor who took a hammer to the skull trying to help you knows it. The only one not getting it here is you. So when you finally come to out of that coma, maybe log off the computer, head down to the bar like a normal person and get some sympathy pussy for your disease like any other sane guy would do.