Chicago TribuneKane County Sheriff’s police assigned a deputy to Mill Creek Elementary School near Geneva Thursday after a disturbance at the school Wednesday when a parent complained children weren’t reciting the Pledge of Allegiance correctly, officials said. Geneva District 304 officials released a statement late Thursday morning explaining a parent used “language that is not typically heard in a school setting” in the library in front of a kindergarten class.School officials called police to “minimize the disruption,” according to the release. Sheriff’s Lt. Pat Gengler said the parent was volunteering at the school during the time afternoon kindergarten students start their day and saying the pledge.

The same parent emailed school board members, administrators and some parents in the community, and also posted a message on Facebook, claiming Mill Creek students state the Pledge of Allegiance incorrectly, leaving out the word “liberty,” among other claims, according to district officials. But, district officials deny that, and point out students also recite the school’s creed after the pledge. That creed promotes respect, following rules and trying your best, and is listed on the school’s website. Because of the parent’s emails and the Facebook post, the district called sheriff’s police again, which resulted in an increased presence Thursday. 


I don’t think there’s anything funnier than people who get worked up over the Pledge of Allegiance. You know those kids who got furious at the two idiots in high school that didn’t stand for the pledge because they were protesting the war, or 6 year olds making Nike’s or fucking Monsanto? The freaks who looked like they were gonna smash a desk over some hippy’s neck because they thought not saying the Pledge made you a terrorist or something?  Loved watching those interactions go down. Like hey bro, cool down a bit, it’s a poem that doesn’t rhyme. Not saying it doesn’t turn you into Abu Nazir.

But that being said even those people have nothing on this broad calling the police on a bunch of Kindergarten kids. Uh hey lady, kids in Kindergarten are idiots. They’re essentially mini-retarded people. They can’t even pronounce normal words, nevermind “allegiance” and “indivisible” and shit. Solid chance half of them are confused and think you’re their Mom or something. Cut em some slack, keep the Hi-C flowing and buck off the high horse a bit.