Attacks start at 2:05


Make no mistake if it was 1985 I would be absolutely shitting in my pants watching this video. Futuristic graphics, instant classic “We are the World” bumping in the background, images of America burning to the ground. All really scary stuff. I guess in that regard it’s kind of a bummer for Bad Korea that it’s actually 2013, those graphics fucking suck, the song is super creepy and almost 30 years old and the images of America burning to the ground is really just footage from Modern Warfare 3. Basically the definition of an “Aw shucks” moment when everybody figures all that out within like 2 hours of you dropping your big propaganda video. Kind’ve reminds me of all the flac Apple got when they released the new iPhone and the Google maps didn’t work except in this case a country of goddamn lunatics is trying to scare everyone in the world with technology from 20 years ago.

Apparently the idea behind the video is the kid is dreaming and when America gets bombed it’s his dream coming true. Pretty sure even Hitler would wake up from that and think “Damn that was a FUCKED up dream”. Not sure what that says for the rest of the world that the Koreans fantasize about this shit.