Yahoo - Isolated and impoverished North Korea launched its second long- range rocket of 2012 on Wednesday and may have finally succeeded in putting a satellite into space, the stated aim of what critics say is a disguised ballistic missile test. The rocket was launched just before 10 a.m. Korean time (0100 GMT) and overflew the Japanese island of Okinawa. ”Whether the satellite launch (orbit) itself succeeds or not, it is a success for North Korea anyway,” said Kim Young-soo, a North Korea expert at Sogang University in South Korea.

North Korea in the house! Welcome to the space race boys! Thought you got lost there or something since you’re about a half century or so late to the party but no big deal. Glad you finally found the place.

I gotta say my favorite part of this is all the superpowers getting all bent out of shape and warning kooky Korea against doing this. As if they’re really going to pose a threat to the rest of the world or something at this point. Just a tad dramatic there guys. North Korea’s basically that kid with down syndrome on a high school football team that comes in for one play a year and every defender gets out of his way and lets him scamper in for a 5 yard touchdown. Like sweet they shot a rocket in the sky and figured out what space is, but they still haven’t mastered feeding people so let’s not go crowning them quite yet. Half the population would suck your dick for a sleeve of saltines, probably don’t have to worry about their launching some nukes and blowing up the planet at this point.

PS – I will never feel inferior to a country that uses chop sticks instead of forks. Continuing to use chop sticks in this day and age is stubborn and barbaric, period.