Source - Men and women in North Korea may not be able to cut their hair in trendy, new styles, as the country has launched a campaign allowing women to choose from 18 different “officially sanctioned” hairstyles, while men get to choose from just 10. It was sparked by communist officials wanting to forbid western influences. The 18 hairstyles women can choose from don’t have much variety, most being short bobs or unstyled medium-length hair. Usually, women are encouraged to wear their hair straight with traditional Korean dress, but if they wear western clothes, they can wear their hair wavy or curled. The hairstyles change for married women, too. When a woman is married, it’s frowned upon to wear longer hair. But if a woman is single, she can be more creative with her hair and wear it long, in braids, or put a ribbon in it. 

Residents of the country made a TV series in 2005 called “Let us trim our hair in accordance with Socialist lifestyle.” It aimed to promote a certain type of male hairstyle which included a short length in the back and sides. 


Uh I have a question. How come I’ve never heard of this TV show they’re talking about, “Let Us Trim Our Hair In Accordance With Socialist Lifestyle”? Is it on Netflix? Project Free TV? SideReel? It only mentions it being on the air in 2005 so maybe there was only one season? But that can’t be right because it sounds like a fucking smash success waiting to happen. If anyone can find a few episodes online hit up the tips inbox immediately. I just blazed through House of Cards in about 3 days and need another show to catch up on over the weekend.

As far as the actual haircuts go this is, once again, a genius move by North Korea. One of my biggest pet peeves is people who have whacky hairdo’s just to be whacky. It’s like people who ride shitty bicycles from the 1960′s or put Sriracha on everything they eat. It’s the disease of Hipsterdom spreading to the masses. Old bicycles suck ass, Rooster sauce tastes terrible, and you only need to choose between 18 different types of haircut, period. And if you’re a guy apparently you only get one choice because 1-10 are all the exact same I’m pretty sure. Wouldn’t mind a flat-top fade or a crew cut #2 were thrown in the mix but I’m not gonna complain.