YahooEven for Karl Towns Jr.’s lofty standards, his performance for Metuchen (N.J.) St. Joseph School’s basketball team against Jersey City (N.J.) St. Peter’s Prep was pretty remarkable. By game’s end, Towns Jr. had accumulated one of the rarest statistical feats one can encounter: A quadruple double. As noted by the Newark Star-Ledger and USA Today, among other sources, Towns Jr. completed St. Joseph’s 82-66 victory against St. Peter’s with 16 points, 17 rebounds, 11 blocked shots and 11 assists. Just think about that for a second … 11 blocked shots and 11 assists. To put Towns Jr.’s achievement in perspective, there have been just four quadruple doubles in NBA history, and NBA games include an additional 16 minutes of playing time (albeit against much tougher competition). To this point in his career, Towns Jr. has received most of the attention paid to him for the fact that he is already a vital part of the Dominican Republic’s national basketball team. That may change as soon as he arrives at Kentucky, assuming he remains loyal to his pledge at the school for the Class of 2014.


Stories like this always crack me up. Like OH SHIT, a 17 year old, 6’10″ 225 lb. monster who already plays a vital role on the Dominican national team and is committed to play at Kentucky next year put up huge numbers in a high school game? Get the fuck out, really? Not trying to take anything away from the kid because obviously he’s nasty but yeah no kidding he threw up a quadruple double. He’s a fucking minotaur hooping it up with kids half his size. If he wanted to turn to the basket and face you up him and his dick could run the pick and roll on you like Stockton and Malone. Maybe hold off the glowing stat line accolades until he’s playing SEC competition instead of St Peter’s Prep.