Local Chicago Rappers covered by a Chicago Smokeshow. Just a D-Rose Poster and Cutler Jersey away from Big Cat’s Heaven.

So this chick is about to go viral. Literally on the precipice. One break away from Stardom. Outrageous Voice. Absurdly hot, and just happens to be from the greatest city on planet Earth. Well Niykee Heaton, you just made yourself a tremendous ally. Because when Barstool Sports endorses something you know its going to be big. Not to mention, I promise not to be a creep, which some may argue is more important than the Barstool seal of approval. So lets fucking do this Niykee. Let get famous.


You know how I know this chick is for real, outside of her voice and being crazy hot? She doesn’t make her bed. Making your bed is a total sucker move. Leave that shit to nerds and cleaning ladies. Awesome people like Niykee and I get that.