God being a translator would be so much fun. Like one million percent chance that dude really said something like “Billy Beane has proven success track record and baseball team Athletics very, very good, very very honorable” and he just got put on blast by his language man. Insulted him before the presser or something and dude got his revenge by telling everyone in the country he’s got the gay for Billy Beane. Such an awesome job by that guy. Welcome to America bro.

PS – You know what I hate? When you say something like “Why does everyone from that country/ethnicity all have the same name?” and someone shouts back “Hey! That’s like saying everyone in America is named John!” No it fucking isn’t. I swear half the Japanese baseball players that’ve come to America in the past 10 years have been named Hiroyuki Nakajima. Every team’s got one by now.