Source - A group of Delhi women have decided the best way to make sure women are safe is to create a special cab service just for them. Women drive the cabs and only pick up women passengers. And the service has seen great success. Most women in Delhi say that they routinely face harassment — and worse — on public transport and on the streets. It has forced many to adopt a range of measures to deal with the problem. Women who can afford it have their own cars, many with chauffeurs. Others move around in the company of family and friends. Still, many have to risk public transit. But now, there’s another option. At least for a few women in the city. It is a small service that offers safe transportation for women. And it started off as an experiment. The service is called Cabs for Women by Women. It’s a small service; just seven cabs and eight female drivers. They only pick up women.


I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a business more doomed for failure than this. I mean are you bitches fucking crazy? A taxi business for women by women with only women drivers that exclusively picks up women passengers? You’ll all be dead in a week!

Can you imagine the insane bickering that’ll go on inside those cabs? When I take a cab there’s usually about 20 seconds of back and forth between me and the cabbie about the route and we’re good to go. As long as he doesn’t drive across the median into oncoming traffic talking on his Bluetooth I don’t really care how he gets me where I’m going. But chicks are passive aggressive lunatics. The second Nisha the 35 year old slumdog cab driver tries to take Jasmine the rich whore on a detour around a village of snake charmers the comments from the back will start pouring in. Oh that’s weird, I’ve never gone this way before. Maybe you know all these secret routes because that’s just your line of work. I really think the other way was quicker but I’ll trust the expert I guess! It’ll be Indian slut on slut warfare 24/7 until that bitch snaps and drives straight off a freeway into a fruit stand. Probably should’ve just stuck to getting occasionally groped on sidewalks by homeless Indian vagrants. Much safer that way.