DM – The self-proclaimed Nazi who lost custody of his child after naming him Adolf Hitler proposed to his white supremacist girlfriend yesterday. Heath Campbell got down on one knee in front of a water fountain in Easton, Pennsylvania, dressed in full Nazi regalia to pop the question to Bethanie White.  The sight of the both of them with their Swastika neck tattoos attracted a few onlookers, not just because of the proposal but because of what they were both wearing. There were also a few people protesting what they were wearing, according to the New York Post. Last week his ex-wife Cathy Bowlby claimed Campbell was a wife-beating tyrant who was obsessed with the devil. During their three-year marriage, he tried to name their first-born Lucifer because he believed he was the devil. But Cathy said she talked him out of it and suggested he take their father’s name instead.  Campbell appeared at court last Monday dressed in full Nazi uniform as he tried to convince a judge that he was a good father – despite having named one of his children Adolf.



Well despite them being evil bigots who applaud the slaughter of 6 million Jews and are basically the scum of the earth, you gotta feel a little happy for these terrible Nazis. True love is true love, ya know? A couple crazy kids covered in swastikas who love to fuck and are just trying to make it honest. I get that. I mean who am I to judge?


PS – I imagine KFC was wearing a similar outfit when he proposed.