Yahoo - Ross Detwiler didn’t hesitate when faced with a decision between love or country. He chose country. The Washington Nationals pitcher will soon be headed out on a seven-day, four-country USO tour with Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. That a ballplayer would hit the road to personally thank our brave servicemen and servicewomen doesn’t seem too out of the ordinary — a lot of athletes have made similar journeys — until you learn one big fact about Detwiler’s decision to participate. He left his honeymoon in Hawaii to make sure he could make the “once in a lifetime” trip. He and his new wife Keri were wed on Dec. 1, presumably in another “once in a lifetime” experience.

Hey I love USO tours and anything and everything that helps support the troops. All about it. The troops deserve entertainment and they deserve to have days where they get to chill out, get their mind off of things and get thanked by those who have made it in the country they’re defending.

But is any member of the armed forces that would lose any sleep at all if Ross fuckin’ Detwiler decides to stay on his honeymoon and bang out his bride for a few more nights instead of flying over to a war zone? Even Nationals fans are probably going to meet this guy and be like “So…Strasburg, huh? What’s his deal, is he here? He make the trip?” And if you think his wife is seriously okay with this because of how noble and great it is you’re fucking crazy. There is no chick on the planet that is cool with being one-upped on her honeymoon. Doesn’t matter if you’re going overseas to support the troops or if you’re going out to the Bada Bing to crush 14 bud lights and shove your face in some strippers cooch, it’s all the same. Chicks are just crazy out of their minds like that. It’s them first and then everything else. So while what Detwiler did is awesome and inspiring he just lost his balls to his wife’s vice grip for the rest of his life. Lose – lose situation all the way around.