Chicago Sun Times - The mother of a former Fenger High School quarterback is suing Chicago Public Schools, claiming an eligibility ruling has sunk her son’s senior football season and could ruin his chance to play the sport in college. Darrien Boone played two seasons with Fenger’s football program and was part of a team that qualified for state playoffs last year, according to the suit filed Tuesday in Circuit Court. 

His mother, Beverly Boone, claims that CPS declared him ineligible to play high school football “as a matter of spite” after she pulled him out of Fenger in November 2011 in fear for his safety. She claims someone pointed a gun at her son at a McDonald’s restaurant near the Far South Side school after the team returned from an Oct. 29, 2011, playoff game — prompting her to enroll him instead at Chicago Vocational Career Academy. CPS’ ineligibility ruling was not based on the teen’s academic performance and has prevented him from playing football at his current school, Hales Franciscan High School, his mother claims.

Hey Ms. Boone you know who ruined your son’s chances of playing college football? You did sweetheart. That’s what happens when you pull a kid from a dope football program and throw him in Vocational school to wrap up his senior season. Don’t know about you but all the star NCAA quarterbacks I know were studying how to pick apart a Cover 2 or hit a post pattern in high school not learning how to fix the carburetor on a ’95 Ford mustang. And no offense but making him change schools because someone pointed a gun at him at a South side McDonald’s? Uh look around you babe. If you’re not getting a gun pointed on you twice a week nowadays you’re basically a cakeboy. Dude was probably just letting your son know it was his turn to order or some shit. Not like he got shot. No big deal.