Dead serious question. When this guy parks his car at 1:48 and yelps “YES!” like a castrated Marv Albert is he happy that he caught the cop on camera not wearing a seat belt or that he just arrived at Arby’s? Totally impossible to tell. Could absolutely be either one. And dude’s just crazy enough that it might be a combination of both.

Anyway you have to love the cop’s reaction to this lunatic. Just laughing right in his face and driving away when the guy tries to make him pull over. Like fuck you dude, I’m a police officer in fucking Detroit. Outside of being a gay prostitute in Africa this is probably the worst job in the world. I have a 0% chance of surviving long enough to earn a pension. There’s like 35 police officers that haven’t quit the force or fled for other jobs yet. Our only hope as a society¬†is literally Robo Cop bro. Cool it on the vigilante justice and bump Eminem and Kid Rock while you watch the world burn like the rest of us.