Source - A group of wild monkeys are wreaking havoc on an Indonesian village. In the latest attack seven people have been injured, local media report. The monkeys have been attacking the Indonesian village of Toddang Pulu in the Sidendeng Rappang District of South Sulawesi province, reports The Jakarta Post. Approximately 10 monkeys attacked the village and proceeded to enter  homes, biting and clawing at people. It is unclear what caused the monkeys to ransack the village. Ambo Ella, a local official, told the Post the monkey attack was not the result of habitat loss. Ella said the villagers respect the jungle and have not cleared it and still  conduct rituals in the woods. Ella said the monkeys are normally fearful of humans and will run away whenever they hear human voices, reports The Associated Press.


Jumanji motherfucker!

And here’s example 3,592,912,532 why I live in a city and not the fucking forests of Indonesia or anywhere else. Like yeah it sucks for these villagers that monkeys are literally beating them unconscious but that’s what you idiots signed up for. You wanna go live in the jungle you’re gonna have to put up with the occasional monkey walking right through your front door and kicking the shit out of you. Rules of the street bitch. Don’t settle down on somebody else’s corner and not expect to get a beat down because it’s gonna happen every time. Bottom line is humans belong in cities and monkeys belong in the forest hopping around tree branches and playing feces football with each other. Stick to the script and you won’t be beaten into a bloody pulp by a bunch of chimps.